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Monthly Archives: March 2017

“For three years I called New Delhi home. In a city that is a living breathing reflection of India’s cultural heart, I guess as an expat I stood out. Though we foreigners may wear the clothes, soak up the festivities and get our feet dusty wearing sandals all year round, unless you’re one of those fortunate souls who can thoroughly imbibe the deep-seated culture, you’re still somewhat of a surface dweller. We… Read More

We often think of holidays with an excitement that’s measured in distance, the further away the destination the more captivating and inviting. When we think about the joy, the breath of fresh air and the revitalisation that a holiday can bring, maybe we don’t have to go so far. That doesn’t mean glamping it up by sleeping outdoors on a hot night and then running inside to make a cold coffee and… Read More

It was while sitting on one of the hospital beds in the far corner of the ward that she looked up and saw the thin grey apparition drift past, wearing a billowy long skirt and then disappear. “Something just brushed my leg,” she said quietly to me, “it was like a chilled breeze.” A pale light from the glow of the Harbour cast soft shadows through the old french windows and the… Read More

“I love to walk a city, whether I’ve been there once or a hundred times before. It’s amazing what sort of inspiration you’ll find when you steal a second glance.” Erin Hiemstra

We love adventures both big and small, that’s what adventure in our teacups is all about. Sometimes it’s the little getaways that are the most precious. We live in a world where many of us are absorbed by pressure, routine, obligation and stress and it’s hard to take out time for ourselves. We’re all familiar with the adage we make our own happiness and many wiser than us have sprouted the wisdom “find… Read More

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