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Monthly Archives: April 2017

“How does a flight get cancelled just like that?” we asked ourselves, sipping a morning coffee and thinking we had plenty of time to leisurely reach the Airport. An email alert popped up letting us know that the next direct flight to Hobart was the following day; well, being a Saturday that just wouldn’t do for a weekend away. It was no surprise that the airline phones were jammed with unhappy travellers,… Read More

  “There are backwaters and then there are backwaters, an entire hidden river system teaming with life that you won’t find on any poster or the pages of a magazine. From our low flat boat, we boarded one smaller and gently glided through the narrow rivulets and channels, taking in the bright tropical foliage, coconut palms and soft leafy vines spilling over the water’s edge. The backwaters are a river by another… Read More

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