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August 2017

In the silence of motherhood

“As a new mother, I often shook my head in bewilderment that my own mother did this with twins, already with a small child. Not that she ever once spoke of the circus at dinner time or the juggling act… Continue Reading →

Skimming the darkness

It wasn’t the kind of sight I thought I’d face when we walked through the nondescript gates of a rambling monastery on the southern side of town. But there I was, peering into a pentagonally shaped case, taller than me… Continue Reading →

Quick guide to India's spiritual capital, Varanasi

“Since the birth of time, the Indian city of Varanasi has been a place of holy pilgrimage. For Hindu’s from all walks of life, the river Ganges and its promise of spiritual nirvana have given the city an energy that… Continue Reading →

Holy wow!

We held our hands up to our noses and tried to block the stench of stale urine as we walked through the narrow laneways.  There were cows being revered, Sadhu’s and beggars crouching on the cobbled paths and the faithful… Continue Reading →

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