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Monthly Archives: October 2017

The dead body, so carefully wrapped in white muslin like an Egyptian mummy, slid out of the bearer’s hands and made a gentle splash as it broke the surface of the water. Hardly anyone noticed. The boat that had delivered the body into the river turned around back to the shore where the palace steps were filled with people. It was like a festival; kids were selling garlands of marigolds and floating… Read More

Elephant trekking, kayaking in underwater caves, off-roading on ATV’s and mountain climbing are some of the many great things to do in Thailand, but we didn’t do any of them. With bad knees, bad backs and sunburn, the kayak’s were too low, the elephants too high, the trekking too strenuous and the off-roading too bumpy.  Wherever you are in Thailand the list of island getaways, afternoon boat trips and temple visits offer… Read More

Are we raising a generation of overprogrammed kids? Too much work and not enough play? To join the conversation, we invited Principals from two schools along with a group of working mums to share their thoughts on this shift in growing up, what’s driving this change and the impact on the kids at the centre of this emerging new world. As a mum with a primary school aged child, it’s not much of a… Read More

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