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Monthly Archives: November 2017

It takes just 45 minutes to get out of Sydney and feel like you’ve switched to island time. You know this because the Ferry driver is the same guy who walks around the boat with a little plastic box selling one-way tickets. Once he’s done seeing everyone and having a chat, he flicks his long hair out of his eyes and chugs the engine into gear. As the small white ferry pulls… Read More

The familiar adage that location is everything applies well and truly to the city of Singapore. From this sophisticated and swish port, any number of short getaways await. Big thanks to TravelTalk for sharing our holiday ideas to help you explore enchanting Southeast Asia.

A few years ago it suddenly became very uncool to be a smoker. Cigarettes went from chic to tragic overnight. Heaven help anyone caught in the accidental cross-fire or backdraft of a puff of smoke, the hazards were deemed lethal. And yet the air pollution in Delhi is so out of control that smoking 50 cigarettes a day would be less hazardous. Something as ordinary as breathing clean air has become as… Read More

Under the haze of the Jacaranda blooms, there’s a spring in our step as we start our guided walking tour meandering through Sydney’s backstreets, taking in her famous lookouts and infamous characters. Its convict tales echoed in the textured cobbled pathways tell stories of survival, ambition and triumph. Today these corners are the hubs that give Sydney it’s cool cafe scene and hole in the wall coffee spots. As the sun filters… Read More

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