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Monthly Archives: December 2017

I wonder how helpful it is to have someone read your tarot cards or your astrological chart and tell you, in a tone of foreboding, that the year ahead brings with it some challenges. That’s not really what I was hoping for, something more along the lines of good tidings and general cheeriness would have done the trick. In any case, I may opt for selective consent or resolve that every year… Read More

The suburban labyrinth of railways everywhere have always been canvas for graffiti. Especially the tunnels, with their spray-painted scribble quickly scratched before the train speeds through. Half scrawled words of political persuasion waking up early morning commuters and sending a message to the people. A risky endeavour, but worth it for those bent on expression. I guess every day we all find a way to express what we feel needs to be… Read More

I’ve just walked out of my first interview in 5 years. I think it went well. Maybe it went a bit too well. Maybe I’ll get the job. Sitting back in a brightly lit interview room, hoping that scattering some well-timed corporate lingo into the conversation will be enough to distract them from my corporate break is a little confronting, though not the most difficult part of looking for a new contract…. Read More

Somewhere on a beach along the Andaman coastline, overnight, mermaid has become the new black. Quick, someone tell Vogue. Never have I ever, seen so many sparkly animal print kaftans and glittery scoop-backed evening dresses and for certain I’ve never seen them teamed with reef shoes and flippers. We just didn’t get it; everywhere we looked the beach was flooded with tourists draping their chiffon capes and scarves into the water while posing… Read More

There’s not much in the way of travel warnings for Delhi, despite the chronic levels of air pollution hanging miserably over the city. Maybe adding “thick smog” to the list of things for travellers to be wary of doesn’t bode so well. The truth is, that while some view Delhi as the poster city for Incredible India, many are far less enchanted. With the Air Quality Index reaching some 5 x the… Read More

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