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Monthly Archives: January 2018

There’s something magical about travelling, doors open, we see with fresh eyes, a kind of alchemy happens; we become immersed in new and interesting experiences and learn about ourselves while understanding others, pushing new boundaries that change who we are. Here are our top 5 reasons we think adventure and travel is such good food for the soul. 1. The world is closer than ever Travelling needn’t be to far away places… Read More

Friday night in Byron was full of the holiday crowd weaving in an out of cafes as the rain started to fall. A solo guitarist sitting on wooden milk crates flung into a Spanish number and a small circle gathered around clapping along, not so much to his singing, but more for the slightly out-of-it woman dancing the Samba in the middle of the road. People chuckled, others joined in as she… Read More

Sometimes I wonder how to describe the Aussie culture. And yet here in the top end, if you asked a local I reckon they’d say simply “this is it.” It’s where you wouldn’t pack more than swimmers and a few loose t-shirts, where you’d sit in a bush clearing on plastic chairs having lunch and the nearby crunching of dry leaves would be a bush turkey; where after a dip in the… Read More

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