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The tight laneways of Saket in South Delhi, lined with sauntering cows and haphazard roadside fruit carts, are an unlikely gateway to one of the city’s best-kept secrets. But walk a little further into the village of Saidulajab and you’ll find yourself in a Parisian-style passageway complete with design studio, tea rooms, cafes and laneway seating. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of Champa Gali, even locals are only just starting to uncover this creative Delhi hideaway…. Read More

Landlocked and time-bound, if the traditions of Mangar have stood still, the village has preserved them well. Nestled among the forest grove, there’s a quaint jewellery museum showcasing beautiful tribal jewellery from all over India. What makes the secret all the more charming are the tiny little drawers that the jewellery is kept in, and like the village itself obscures the beauty hidden within. Thank you to Travel Talk Magazine for publishing our… Read More

Aussie’s love their great outdoors; the warm clear sunshine, the sand, surf and sea of the bounteous coastline that uniquely rubs shoulders with one of the worlds most cosmopolitan cities. Though the centre of Sydney is a thriving financial CBD, the real heart of the city is its expansive blue Harbour. It was because of its Harbour the colony of Sydney was first settled and why today Sydney is considered one of… Read More

You know it’s Springtime in India because the weather becomes warmer, literally overnight and Holi, the vibrant festival of colour begins. You don’t have to spend Holi in India to know what’s it’s all about, just watch any Bollywood movie where rainbow powder and paint is thrown everywhere and on everyone. Cue a smoothly spontaneous dance routine and you can’t help but smile. Unlike the observances of other Hindu festivals, Holi is “played”,… Read More

Standing face to face with a smiling Maasai women wearing colourful beads coiled around her neck is not a sight you might expect to see in Delhi. Nor the cross-legged snake charmers seated on the dusty ground and wearing saffron and crimson turbans. As the lilting blend of music rises in the air and the pounding of dancing feet echo through the earth, you could be anywhere the world. For two weeks… Read More

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