Happy New Everything!

I wonder how helpful it is to have someone read your tarot cards or your astrological chart and tell you, in a tone of foreboding, that the year ahead brings with it some challenges. That’s not really what I was hoping for, something more along the lines of good tidings and general cheeriness would have done the trick. In any case, I may opt for selective consent or resolve that every year has its fair share of light and shade.

It’s around this time of year that like a new episode of Game of Thrones, we get to start afresh, cast the winning stroke and fulfil our promises to ourselves. We think about finding love, losing weight, taking that trip, giving up bad habits; it’s a tussle of letting go and accumulating all at once as we rush toward a new starting line. The truth is, the first day of the new year is just another day, and really why wait? That blog you’ve been wanting to start? Write it. That course you’ve been wanting up take up? Start it. That conversation you’ve been wanting to have? Have it. A different job, a new hobby, a dream adventure; take the first step, that’s all you need to do.

For most of us, the new year represents an empty book, with crisp fresh pages waiting for the words of our life to fill them up. Waiting to see what circumstances prevail, what people give and what they will take. Remember, we choose and I’m inclined to believe it will be wonderful. So as you write your story, though it may have all the colour of a great novel, I hope it’s one that follows the adventure of your heart.  A story that you can rewrite at any time. A story that you don’t have to wait for. A story that has happiness written all over it.


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