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Adventure in our teacups tells the stories of travel, discovery and appreciation. As two gals from Australia and India, our original writing and photography reflect our perspective on both east and west to create work that is fresh, upbeat and honest.


Original photo’s. Inspiring content. We bring this to you through authentically crafted stories that kindle fascination and are visually beautiful:

  • Destination articles
  • Special interest articles
  • Holidays and events
  • Round-ups
  • Opinion editorial
  • Top Tips
  • Quotations
  • Pictorials
  • Portrait, landscape + street photography

We love the experience of that first breathtaking moment that being in a new place brings; the sense of feeling, seeing and living the joy of a new adventure. It’s easy for our surroundings to be taken for granted, but when we look with fresh eyes at the diversity, colour and life around us, amazing new experiences come into focus.

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