A little about us

Adventure in our tea cups is all about our love of travel and discovery. We love the experience of that first breathtaking moment that being in a new place brings; the sense of feeling, seeing and living the joy of a new adventure. We love to see the stories in the everyday. The moments that roll along, often unnoticed, where the beautiful emerges and a picture tells the story of a thousand words. It’s so easy for our surroundings to be taken for granted, but when we look with fresh eyes at the diversity, colour and life around us, amazing new experiences come into focus.

Every place can mesmerise and fill you with curiosity. When I think of my first time travelling to India, I was spellbound by her easy-anything-goes approach; the sight of 20 or 30 men scrambling for a seat on the top of a bus, young girls finding a spot of shade under a tumbling bougainvillea, giggling as they stretch their dupatta across their wide smiles so no-one knows what they’re whispering about; cows sauntering through the traffic daydreaming and oblivious, creamy pistachio sweets piled high like little bricks open to the street air and bhatura’s bubbling in hot oil on the roadside with their warm aromas rising over the smells of the street, the domestic hum of village life that spills from the roadside as women and children weave through the vegetable carts and open markets, the longing in the children’s deep brown eyes and the search for the truth that underlines the easy understanding of life and death. Perhaps these moments are not noticed for anything other than ordinary but they’re also the enchantments found in the everyday.

When we were kids we used to write in a diary, take a journal on our travels or even write tales and stories on the bedroom wall for all the wonder and fun that it brought to life. The world is a canvas, there are hundreds of stories to be told and celebrated. Sharing the spirit of our impressions through photo’s, cityscapes, portraits, stories and quotations is our way of bringing them to you. More than anything, we’re about what’s real, what means something to us and finding the simple beauty of capturing a moment in time.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us.