Bondi Beach in season


As widely loved as it is, Bondi is not Sydney’s favourite beach. Most famous yes, but not the favourite. Locals often escape the cities’ fringe beaches and zip north or south to the wider coastal retreats. But for backpackers, tourists and day-trippers alike, Bondi is it. And with good reason.

Lined deep with organic juice bars, beachside beer cafes and burger joints, Bondi Beach is tagged as much as a foodie precinct as a beach hangout. But the real zeal of Bondi is in the snapshots of freedom and expression. The drawcard is less for the sea and more for what you can see in the crowds of travellers and revellers.

With iconic Icebergs (the original winter swimmers club) perched on the peak overlooking sweeping views of the beach, it marks the beginning of the Bondi to Bronte walk. Taking in Tamarama Beach, McKenzies Bay and Waverly Cemetery, this stretch of coast makes it Sydney’s most spectacular walk. Or, with time on your side, you can simply people watch.

Bondi’s anything goes attitude gives it a bold look and quirky energy. In the Art Deco architecture you can see Bondi’s post war flair; on the boulevard the pep of party-goers, and between the flags, memories made for a lifetime. I can’t think of a tourist who wouldn’t make Bondi their first stop, but as a local, if you haven’t let Bondi’s breezy style brush over you in a while, maybe its time to see what keeps people coming back.

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