Delhi Off the Beaten Track


“If I were to assign a personality to Delhi, she’d be a grand old lady and you’d forgive her folly’s in favour of her warmth, humour and colourful past. You’d welcome her eccentricities and admire her temperament. Most of all, you’d love the enriching stories she’d weave from her elegant drawing room and the masala chai she’d share with you at the end of the day.”

Thank you to for the opportunity to guest post and for publishing our travel piece and photographs in Delhi Off the Beaten Track. Great team to work with, thank you!



5 Comments on “Delhi Off the Beaten Track

  1. Thanks for the visit to Old Delhi, Lee and Bhanu. Cheap way to travel (-:
    Seriously, the piece not only tantalized the mind in the description and pics, but it took only a nano second to actually feel like you were there. Delhi is one of the few incredibly fascinating places on the planet which one can visit with either little money or riches and yet still get the full charm, fragrance and experience of ‘Lady India’. You captured the moment, thanks.

  2. A truly imaginative and beautiful image of a grand old lady. It fits Delhi superbly !

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