Learning to reframe

For everyone who believes in you, has faith in you, thank them. It is rare and I have learnt that a few good people can overpower a sea of negativity. For everyone who believes in second chances, thank you. I don’t know anyone who has got it right the first time; second chances allow us to reset and restart. For everyone who has jumped to conclusions knowing only a fragment of the story, thank you. You have shown me how very delicately we need to tread in order to be accepted. And how liberating it is when we learn not to bother. For everyone who has never asked if everything is ok, thank you. This has given me such deep understanding that even when we look strong, we may still be fragile. Sometimes people are waiting for someone else to care enough, recognising that their silence masks fear not strength. 

For everyone who has judged me, as harsh it was at the time, thank you. From this, I have learnt how quickly people turn and how lucky we all are to have people who stand by us. For everyone who has given me a chance, thank you. When we can’t see the path ahead but someone else recognises a way forward, these become wonderful opportunities to do amazing new things. For everyone who loves unconditionally, despite the flaws and shortcomings of us all, thank you. It’s a blessing to know that someone has your back. For everyone who has criticised and seen only the negative, thank you. It has taught me that you don’t need to allow someone else’s narrative to be your own; there is far greater power in the positive and with that, you can write your own dazzling story. 

For everyone who questions how life is so full of change, go with it. I’ve learnt that life is fluid and our journeys bump against each other whether we look for it or not. Thank you for showing me that we are by nature, happier moving than standing still. For everyone who has overlooked me, thank you. From this I have learnt how very important it is to feel acknowledged and heard; and how far you reach when you invite someone in. For everyone who is prepared to honestly accept and love, despite our many differences, you have taught me how much there is to be grateful for. And as simple a learning as it is, whatever path we are on, we should always keep room in our heart for unimaginable gratitude. 

“Truth be told, sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones your spirit needs most. Your past was never a mistake if you learned from it. So take all the crazy experiences and place them in a box labelled “Thank You.”

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