Delhi doesn’t inspire me. As a photographer my eyes are always searching for something different to shoot. That’s why I love urban photography so much. You only have to stand on a street corner for life to tumble by in the most unpredictable of expressions. But in India, where I’ve grown up with gypsies bathing their children in tubs on the street, kids performing roadside acrobatics and grubby smiling faces pushing balloons… Read More

It’s hard to turn away from the seascape on The Great Ocean Road journey, but the hinterland that winds towards the Grampians Mountain range compensates with an ocean of green. In the heart of the Grampians National Park is the tiny township of Halls Gap. When we arrived it was late at night, the rain was splashing hard on our windscreen and if not for our 80’s playlist, we would have felt… Read More

No one goes to India just for Christmas. Germany maybe, for the gingerbread houses or Canada for the cosy winter days, snowy window ledges and warm cups of milk chocolate. But India loves a festival and Christmas here is as spirited as anywhere else. The open roadside markets with handmade prayer offerings waving in the breeze hang alongside gilded Santa costumes and stringy tinsel. And why wouldn’t India embrace the traditions of… Read More

Melbourne is the kind of city that could be plonked anywhere in the world. Not characterised by an open blue harbour or a canopy of tropical skies,  Melbourne has done pretty well at creating itself as the best that a city can be; interesting, historical, creative and a little bit whimsical. It’s just the right size, is jam-packed with urban personality and is full to the brim of interesting things to do…. Read More

I remember the days when we all put our address on our resumes when we were job hunting. And our birthdates. Now I’m showing my age. I love that inclusion means that we no longer require information that really has nothing to do with our ability to do the job. Particularly our hairstyles. Yes, you can come to the interview with green tips or a purple fringe and like all good recruiters out there,… Read More