Revive your spirit on Fitzroy Island

Sometimes I wonder how to describe the Aussie culture. And yet here in the top end, if you asked a local I reckon they’d say simply “this is it.” It’s where you wouldn’t pack more than swimmers and a few loose t-shirts, where you’d sit in a bush clearing on plastic chairs having lunch and the nearby crunching of dry leaves would be a bush turkey; where after a dip in the ocean you don’t even bother with a towel and a cup of Bushell’s tea in the afternoon is just perfect. Yup, it’s just how I’d describe Tropical North Queensland and it’s about as down to earth as culture can get.

Thank you to Queensland’s Indulge Magazine for publishing this story on Fitzroy, one of Australia’s most unspoiled island destinations and the perfect spot to revive your spirit.

Fitzroy Island


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