Six ways to enjoy your Hobart weekend escape

“Much has been written about Tasmania’s picturesque capital city. That’s because its wide acclaim as one of Australia’s most delightful destinations is wholeheartedly true. It’s rolling pale hills that hug the Derwent River build to the pinnacle of Mt Wellington and greet you to the wilderness Isle with a wide open sky and open heart.”

Thank you to TravelTalk for publishing some of our favourite ways to enjoy a weekend in Hobart. Great working with you!


4 Comments on “Six ways to enjoy your Hobart weekend escape

  1. A rousing jaunt through Hobart Town and its outskirts. My old hometown has been refreshed by this writers ability to enhance and affectionately capture the Spirit of Tasmania.

  2. As a frequent visitor and lover of Hobart for nearly 60 years, I concur with every word and description you offer. Also, as you elucidate, Hobart is in a way, a trip into the past, but with all the comforts of today.

    As the pictures depict, it certainly offers eye candy to the tourist.

    I’m sure if space was available, you could have given many more examples of why everyone should visit Hobart, at least once in their lifetime.

    • Thank you, at least once I agree. So much more to write about about the coasts and rainforests. Glad you enjoyed it!

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