Adventure in Our Teacups


Somewhere on a beach along the Andaman coastline, overnight, mermaid has become the new black. Quick, someone tell Vogue. Never have I ever, seen so many sparkly animal print kaftans and glittery scoop-backed evening dresses and for certain I’ve never seen them teamed with reef shoes and flippers. We just didn’t get it; everywhere we looked the beach was flooded with tourists draping their chiffon capes and scarves into the water while posing… Read More

Elephant trekking, kayaking in underwater caves, off-roading on ATV’s and mountain climbing are some of the many great things to do in Thailand, but we didn’t do any of them. With bad knees, bad backs and sunburn, the kayak’s were too low, the elephants too high, the trekking too strenuous and the off-roading too bumpy.  Wherever you are in Thailand the list of island getaways, afternoon boat trips and temple visits offer… Read More

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