Adventure in Our Teacups


The dead body, so carefully wrapped in white muslin like an Egyptian mummy, slid out of the bearer’s hands and made a gentle splash as it broke the surface of the water. Hardly anyone noticed. The boat that had delivered the body into the river turned around back to the shore where the palace steps were filled with people. It was like a festival; kids were selling garlands of marigolds and floating… Read More

We held our hands up to our noses and tried to block the stench of stale urine as we walked through the narrow laneways.  There were cows being revered, Sadhu’s and beggars crouching on the cobbled paths and the faithful lined up outside the tiny temples, with their floors ashen and sooty from the burning embers. Even for the initiated, Varanasi makes Old Delhi look ordered. At 5.30am, the frothy chai was… Read More