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We love adventures both big and small, that’s what adventureĀ in our teacups is all about. Sometimes it’s the little getaways that are the most precious. We live in a world where many of us are absorbed by pressure, routine, obligation and stress and it’s hard to take out time for ourselves. We’re all familiar with the adage we make our own happiness and many wiser than us have sprouted the wisdom “find the joy in the every day, create treasured moments that bring us happiness”. So, we’d love to know what was the last happy “me-time” you took for yourself, was it a spontaneous day trip or holiday or was it just an indulgent few hours doing what you love?

Share your adventures so we can share the motivation. Let’s practice passing on our ideas, adventures and a warm collective hug with a promise to take a breath and give ourselves the time to do something wonderful this weekend; something just for you!





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