Top 10 things to do in Cochin

“Cochin, in India’s south-western state of Kerala, is a lot of things: a fort, a beach, a harbour, a modern Indian city that is home to Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Jews. She wears her illustrious history well; from the Arabic and Portuguese traders travelling the spice route in the 15th century, the Dutch invasion of the 1650’s, her union to the British in the years of the Raj, and then post-independence, the emergence of the state of Kerala. With palaces, synagogues, mosques and cathedrals standing tall along the coast of the Arabian Sea, I’ve never seen a place in which so many different cultures are so harmoniously stitched together. Cochin has been and is a lot of things, so it’s no surprise there are a lot of things to do. Here are my top ten recommendations:”

A huge thank you to Traveltalk Magazine for publishing our travel piece and photographs in Top 10 things to do in Cochin. Great to work with you!

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  1. Fabulous, another gem in the travel of the mind and then, in reality

  2. A lovely little snapshot of ‘a day in the life of ‘ …. A young mother with her daughter , so colourfully dressed in such a beautiful exotic and tranquil setting. Transported there in my mind I can just imagine how nice it would be living in such a harmonious environment that welcomes people of all cultures to live happily together . Another great window into the world from you two Gals. Thank you!

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