Making ethical choices is good for your health – here’s why

This is a guest post.

Almost every purchase we make forces us to choose between convenience and doing the right thing – for animals, ourselves and future generations. If you’ve lost makeup while travelling or just forgot to replenish and found yourself in a hurry, you can almost guarantee to find cruelty-free, environmentally friendly makeup will be tougher than dropping the cheaper, and far less ethical, alternative in your basket. 

Maybe you’re lucky enough to find cosmetics that aren’t just packaged to look cruelty-free – they actually have the certifications to back up them up. Then you spot that it’s surrounded by non-recyclable packaging; you might have saved animals from the laboratory, but not necessarily conserved the environment for them to return to.

There’s no doubt that making ethical purchasing decisions can be downright inconvenient. But the more of us who buy right, the more pressure will be applied to companies to do the right thing too. More than a third of women</a> may be insisting on purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics right now. Theirs and our choices will already be applying pressure on cosmetics companies to change their practices, and prioritise using the more than 50 safe, cruelty-free testing alternatives to put their products on shelves.  As if that wasn’t motivation enough, making ethical choices right now has real health benefits for you too – here’s why.

It can improve your mental health 

Speak to any mental health professional or wellness expert and I can guarantee they will agree on at least one thing: our everyday decisions, even the ones we don’t think about, have a bigger impact on our mental health and wellbeing that we probably realise. 

If you’ve meant to decrease your meat consumption or switch exclusively to cruelty-free beauty but haven’t got around to it yet, how fulfilled, satisfied or excited do you imagine you would feel if you made the change today? 

The link between your mental and physical health is both well documented and profound – and you don’t need to be experiencing mental illness to improve your mental wellbeing. Just like your diet and cardiovascular health, your mind can always be healthier – and making more ethical choices could make a big difference to your happiness and self-esteem. 

It can stop your skin absorbing concerning additives

Buying from companies that are good for animals is often better for you too. Manufacturers rely on additives and chemicals they think require animal testing because it makes bringing products to market faster, and therefore cheaper. Choosing products that don’t contain these ingredients won’t only push corporations to adopt a cruelty-free approach – it will keep nasties out of your skin.

Here’s just one example. Parabens are the most common preservative you can find in beauty products – and they wouldn’t have been used as widely without animal testing. Despite parabens not causing immediate problems like rashes or skin irritation in most people, there is genuine concern about a potential link between products containing parabens and breast cancer.

Ethical brands are less likely to contain concerning ingredients like parabens – and cut out the number of chemicals we’re putting in our bodies.

It can create a better, safer world around you

Purchasing more cruelty-free products will force companies to innovate more with natural ingredients available to them, not exclusively, but certainly more. And that will create a cleaner world around you – and better health for all of us.

If cosmetic industries were forced to include more natural ingredients like almond butter and coconut oil – and these two alone have dozens of amazing properties between them – then environmentally harmful factories and laboratories would close, and planet-improving agriculture would increase. That would mean cleaner air to breathe and safer water to drink, across the world.

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  1. Another good read..a direction to take in the right direction. We al “know” it,m but do we do it?? That’s why this read will set you straight..Good work girls.

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